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Total value of NetWorth private inventory sold to buyers since inception

We buy properties in need of some love, connect them with those looking to build wealth, and find buyers ready to move into beautifully renovated homes.

True Value Method

The NetWorth Realty True Value Method is a streamlined process for finding a property, securing funding, unlocking its value through renovations, and selling or leasing that home as soon as the upgrades are complete.


Using every tool at our disposal, we locate and buy properties with potential to be unlocked. Our team works around the clock to bring you the best off-market opportunities in your city.


Through our lending partner 212Loans , we provide our buyers with various commercial loan products that are customized for rehabilitation of distressed real estate.


NetWorth will generally estimate what should be done to each project to unlock its potential. We will provide consultation and access to an extensive network of knowledgeable, licensed third party contractors to help you add the most value to your property. Renovations handled properly will reduce risk and increase your chances of success.


Our team will assist you in executing the strategy that works best for your goals. Your specialist can provide the information, market exposure and nuanced expertise to help you maximize the returns on every opportunity you purchase from NetWorth.

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Build Wealth with the Experts

NetWorth Realty has been assisting buyers through the home buying, renovating and selling process for more than a combined 30 years. Our unique True Value methodology minimizes cost and maximizes profits in every step of the process – from finding the home to realizing your return.

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*Where required by state law.