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NetWorth Realty takes care of the hardest part of the residential real estate restoration process for our buyers – finding properties. With decades of experience, we identify properties with potential and buy them ourselves.

Our specialists then match buyers to properties from our exclusive inventory for purchase and restoration. Our reasoning for this is simple:

  • We are able to cut out any haggling or middlemen who can eat into profits.
  • All of our properties are first come, first serve.
  • We don’t want our buyers bidding against each other.

What We Look For

For a property to qualify for the NetWorth Realty True Value inventory, it has to meet the following criteria.

  • It has features that would make it attractive to the current market, however…
  • It is in need of fixes, repairs or tweaks, without which its true value cannot be realized
  • The value is built into the home, but needs to be unlocked by the buyer

Your NetWorth Realty Specialist

The goal of every NetWorth specialist is to make finding and fixing your property as successful and painless as possible. We aim to work with you on many houses throughout the years, and the only way we can do that is by treating you right.

Each of our specialists undergoes a rigorous training program that instills a deep knowledge of every aspect of the True Value Methodology – focusing on saving you money on the purchase, renovation, and sale or rental of your property.


NetWorth buyers purchase properties directly from our fixed-price inventory, which frees up funds that would otherwise go to banks, realtors and other parties. Flexible funding allows anyone to enter the real estate market.

Hard Money Financing

For buyers that are financing their property, we recommend a hard money or bridge loan. Many of the properties with the most potential are distressed, which makes them ineligible for long-term financing. A short-term, hard money loan provides the flexibility to purchase, rehab and list a property in only a few months. Additionally, a hard money loan allows you to borrow against the projected value of the renovated property, rather than the appraised current value, which allows you to fund repairs and renovations.

We offer hard money financing to our buyers through our partner lender 212 Loans.


If you have the means to purchase a property in cash, that is always an option with NetWorth Realty.


Once you’ve purchased your property, your NetWorth specialist will guide you through the renovation process. With hundreds of successful remodels under our belt, we expertly appraise which fixes, additions and renovations will generate the maximum return.

Licensed Contractors

One of the most daunting aspects of any real estate project is the labor itself. Your NetWorth specialist will help connect you with third-party contractors* to get your project into selling shape.

*Contractors are not affiliated with NetWorth Realty.

Quality Materials

Your NetWorth Realty specialist can help you determine which materials are right for your project and where to source them from. NetWorth Realty has relationships with many suppliers, including Home Depot, and an online resource portal that gives our buyers an edge in the restoration game.


When your renovations are complete, it’s time to realize the value on your property. If you’re not certain what exit strategy to take, we can help you decide the best course.

Selling Your Property

If you’re ready for a quick flip, your NetWorth specialist will get your property listed as soon as it’s market ready. From there, we can help you find your next property to restore.

Renting Your Property

If you’d like to generate long-term passive income from your property, your NetWorth specialist can help you acquire a long-term loan, find tenants and connect you with a professional property manager to take care of your property.